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Go Formal this Eid with Just Eastern

Eid is one of those times of the year when you can really deck up. Eid get-togethers with family and friends give you a perfect excuse to wear your best clothes and dazzle the world with your best accessories.

No matter how modern you are, Eid calls for every woman to don a traditional shalwar kameez, whether you are settled in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh or residing in the Middle East or North America and UK. Eid means palms etched with mehndi and tinkling bangles on perfumed wrists.

Eid means celebration, modesty and sophistication and that is exactly what the formal Eid collection on Just Eastern-the complete e-shop for all your eastern needs--brings to you.

The Eid collection 2013 of formal Kurtas and suits for women on Just Eastern provides you a delectable array to choose from. Because Just Eastern is an online home to a plethora of talented designers, there is something which will appeal to every single style and taste. Every designer brings to his/her collection a distinct flavour and mood. Creations of chiffon and lace embellished with intricate and trendy embroidery by designers like Khaliqs, Sharmeen Batla and Rani Siddiqui cater to every age, occasion and mode.

Sharmeen Batla plays with soft and feminine hues like lilacs, creams, ivory and blues. Her kurtas have styled necks which reflect the taste of the modern woman. In fabrics she shows a preference for soft and flowing chiffons and subtle embellishment. Her style is contemporary—subtle and far from garish.

Khaliq’s style is for the woman whose social gatherings call for bolder colours and embellishments with lace, velvet, gold and silver zardozi, diamonties and sequence. Flanked with churidar pajamas and flowing dupattas, Khaliq’s style is timeless and evergreen. With striking colours like emerald and turquoise, brown, purple, orange and coral pink to choose from—a woman is sure to stand out when she wears a Khailq’s creation.

Then there is Rani Siddiqui’s festive anchor embroidered collection in mouth-watering shades of the sunset like lemon yellow, orange and pinks. If there is a wedding in the family which follows Eid, her kurtas are apt for traditional wedding ceremonies.

When you place you order online with Just Eastern, we bring for your convenience a style guide and delivery and shipping tips which will ensure that you get exactly what you ordered. So simply log onto justeastern.com and relish a compassionate online shopping experience like never before.

Just Eastern; One Place for Several Top Pakistani Brands

Pakistani textile industry is booming and there is a tough competition going on between brands, all are producing top notch designs and patterns and using fine quality material. In this busy life no one has time to roam about at different brand store to buy clothes hence which place can be better than Just Eastern, where there are lots of Pakistani top brands for both men and women at one place to shop. Just visit the website and look through top brand suits and accessories.

Visit the Just Eastern site to look through the Al Karam collection. Al Karam is a popular brand of Pakistan working since many years, it has a history of success and its suits are all of quality and designed keeping in mind the target customers. The latest collection is in many colours like purple, beige, blue, green and orange; and has variety of patterns. Few have checks, others are flora designs and other are lace patterns, ajraks jalar etc. They are beautiful and suitable for this season.

Morpankh and KOEL, other two popular brands are on Just Eastern, as these names suggest the dresses of these designers are elegant and give a soft, lovely, fragrant and comfort feeling. KOEL kurti's are mostly hand block printed with different patterns, the dresses use excellent quality fabric and some are hand embodied. The designer uses silk and cotton mainly in its dresses and all are stitched on hand looms. Morpank is another brand who's kurti's is the master piece of artisanal skills of the rural women of Pakistan. They are traditional dresses with beautiful hand embroideries done by skilled artist. The dresses are all in nice colours and have various designs and prints in neck, sleeves, front and back.

What can be said about Just Eastern suits, they are too good. Mostly in Lawn and cotton these Kurti's have traditional and floral embroideries while few have block prints. The suits are all classy and available in bold and beautiful colours. Just Eastern has designed them fit to this season and keeping in mind the taste and moods of its customers. Sharmeen Battla the well known Pakistani designer also has its latest astonishing collection on Just Eastern.

Apart from clothing brands one can also look for leather purses and stylish, trendy and traditional bags here from the well known brands such as Borsetta and Hand Stitched. Various accessories and even handmade bags are on sale. Visit www.justeastern.com and look through all branded items in one area. People will love it and this is the place where shopping starts.

Rapid Variations in Pakistani Fashion

With the passage of time the taste for Pakistani clothing is brewing up in men and women, Salwar Kameez and long Kurtas are the latest trends followed and the latest Just Eastern Collection is filled with latest and trendy styled, traditional and non traditional Pakistani clothing. Fashion is adopting bold looks, fashionable cuts and silhouettes. The industry is dominated by top designers and fashion experts. Just Eastern has expended itself into prĂȘt, making fashion accessible to all, by being a global supplier of its dresses. Pakistani fashion is a combination of modern styles, various cultures of the four provinces and a few traditional looks of our neighbour India; this makes it perfect, stunning and a universally admired brand.

Salwar Kameez is worn worldwide by both men and women in daily, casual, formal, evening, party and bridal wear. People are admiring Pakistani designs, all great names like Morpankh, Arshmah, Borsetta, Ramsha Nadia, Al Karam, KOEL and Ali Raza Naseer are mushrooming all over the city and their popularity has been rising. They have become the need of the time and to keep up this label they are continuously designing new fashion clothing and accessories and staying ahead in the race. Pakistani clothing style is becoming complex and changing with time, each designer has different apparels out on stock weekly, it is moving too quickly in comparison with the other walks of life. People are adopting new color combinations, embroidery designs and materials and this change in their looks and outfits is bringing a boom in the fashion industry. Psychologically it is human nature that every boy and girl wants to look stylish and up to date in their surrounding so that they are appreciated and accepted by their social circle, this is the main reason why new styles are adopted too quickly.

Just Eastern is a leading group of Fashion clothing in Pakistan; it maintains a standard and quality in its whole range of apparels and accessories. All its products are fascinating ranging from men's wear to ladies dresses and from traditional to nontraditional hand bags and accessories. Whoever orders in from the E-Shop can be confident that they are wearing the latest Pakistani fashion outfits which would suite their taste and personality, the style of long kurtas is becoming immensely popular these days. The Kurta's are printed with embroideries in the neck and in the base, stylish prints and motifs have been placed on the clothes worn by the models on the runways and in combination to it fancy accessories, clutches, sandals and handbags are designed. The trend has been worn all year round and is coming up in variety of colors with vibrant and bolder twists. Men and women have their wardrobes filled with these printed clothing. Pakistani fashion Industry has transitioned to a superior position of enchanting sophistication with the innocent, cultural and trendy looks. Just Eastern has it all; clothing for bold and confident gentleman, and women trends dipped into buckets of femininity. Look for the stylish, bold and astonishing latest fashion this season on Just Eastern.

Of a Man in A Kurta

The men’s Kurta is an evergreen garment which is donned and favoured in weddings and festivals like Eid and Diwali in the East. This loose upper garment is an epitome of comfort and style, especially suited for the weather and lifestyle of the sub continent. Yet, due to its unique style and versatility, its popularity has permeated borders and is now opted for by ex-pats settled in the West and the Middle East. Imported kurtas were deemed fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s in the West when the hippie fever was at a rise.

Today, the men’s kurta is a style icon exuding culture, fashion and comfort and available as an unparalleled piece of clothing in the collection of all major designers belonging to the subcontinent.

The word "kurta" originally springs from Persian, literally meaning "a collarless shirt" and was incorporated in English in the 20th century. As the Thawb is encouraged to be worn in Saudi Arabia, Pakistani and Indian expatriates rather prefer to wear the Kurta as a close version to the Arab clothing. Depending on the climate and season, kurtas come in wool, linen khaadi, silk and cotton fabrics.

A traditional kurta consists of rectangular fabric pieces with a few gusset inserts, and is cut so as to leave no wasted fabric. This simple cut leaves room for elaborative adornment at the button line and sleeves ends. The sleeves of a traditional kurta fall straight to the wrist and are hemmed and decorated. The side seams are left open for 6-12 inches above the hem, providing the wearer ease of movement.

The kurta usually opens in the front or off-centre; sometimes with buttons at the shoulder seam. Even though a traditional kurta does not have a collar, yet today’s fashion calls for stand-up, mandarin and sherwani collars to add formality and class to this casual garment and make it a garb for formal occasions.

The beauty and resourcefulness of a Kurta is that it looks traditional over loose-fitting pajamas and shalwars; ethnic over semi-tight churidars and dhotis and stylishly hip over jeans. They have no age bar and look classy and provide comfort to all men. Kurtas give you optically illusive length and makes your neck appear longer. It emanates an aura making the wearer appear warmer and more approachable.

From weddings to festivals; from funerals to Friday prayers—who doesn’t need a kurta?

On Just Eastern take a pick from our spectacular array of men’s kurtas by the illustrious Ali Raza Nasser with their unique colours, majestic sherwani collars, accents and subtle embroidery, ideal for this Eid for men.

Just Eastern acknowledges men’s aversion to hunting for clothes in chaotic shopping malls. What better way then, than to get a collection of Eid kurtas for all the men in the family delivered to your doorstep when bought online from Just Eastern at spectacular prices.

Eid Collection On Sale

Blessings of Ramadan are showering all over us, people are busy gathering their good deeds. Along with this ladies and girls have started preparations for the upcoming Eid, markets are filled with many latest styles of clothing and fashion accessories. Just Eastern is a leading fashion brand of Pakistan and all of its new collection for this Ramadan and Eid is amazing. The latest Men and Women wears have all been made using premium quality material and are a blend of traditional and trendy looks.

Just Eastern has grabbed the attention of many fashion lovers locally and internationally. People living outside Pakistan can easily get hold of Pakistani dresses now to wear in special occasions. The latest collection has been tremendously successful and this time Just Eastern has focused on traditional and floral embroidery on its suits, there are embroidery designs on neck, sleeves and few dresses have patches of embroideries over front and back. The dresses are mainly cotton and linen and available in a range of colours. Few suits have block prints on them in nice colours and many prints have been made.

Just Eastern has many top designers collections on sale, Sharmeen Battla'scollection this time is very elegant and dresses represent simplicity in them. They are mostly made with Chiffon and crepe materials and few are coat style. The dresses are available in many colours like white, black, beige, lilac etc  To bring a twist in her collection she has chosen various neck styles on her suits; beaute and halter necklines are designed elegantly and few have silver sequence work on them. Sharmeen Battla has designed Angharka in various colors for girls and women.

The moods and taste of women's vary so there has to be a variety available for them to shop. Just Eastern has many to choose from, the dresses are for different age groups and for both sober and fun loving person, the colours range from dull to bold and bright ones and few are the combination of both dark and light shades. These days long shirts with tights, trousers or even with churidar pajamas are in fashion and JustEastern's collection has it. The dresses are for all occasions like Iftar parties, Eid gatherings, marriages or other functions.

So don't waste time to look most happening and beautiful this Eid and shop from www.justeastern.com before the collection is all sold out.

Eastern Women Clothing Shopping was never as easy as JE multi brand designer E-shop

Looking at a glance in the future all shopping will be done by just one click and people will make orders on their tablets, there will be global shopping malls running 24/7 and women will shop conveniently from their homes. Just Eastern has entered into this business, ladies and girls search online at their own convenience, ease and comfort for their favourite dresses in whichever colour, material and size they want and order it without keeping in mind that they are living in Pakistan or not. It has brought the globe together.

Women Dresses E shop Pakistan Just Eastern, the multi brand designer's E-Shopping has brought a revolution in the ways of shopping, it has captured many women interest and they prefer the E Shop inspite of old conventional shopping. E shopping is a very convenient way to shop even girls can shop at midnight while chatting with their pals in their night suits; No waiting, no time waste, no search for parking space and no crowd to deal with. Just Eastern also offers good prices on e-shop, there are ample of deals to choose from and it becomes good offer for the women. They can choose from variety of materials, dresses, colours and sizes.

white crinkle Chiffon Dress pakistan Just imagine now giving gifts is too easy, just order a dress say white crinkle chiffon or blue green floral kurta from the Just Eastern e-shop and the gift will be delivered on the door step to the beloved person easily no matter wherever he lives, this increases the bonding between people and people feel great when they are gifted something very valuable and lovely by their dear ones living much faraway. Girls can compare prices of different clothing's of various brands easily and then make the decision to purchase looking at their wallets. There is no extra shopping done and there is no compromise on the choice.

Just eastern e-shop respects the customer's privacy and confidentiality, whichever information is shared online is only for the company and no other person is able to view it; there is a privacy policy attached with each purchased item. The company is in this business since many years and is truly committed with all its customers, the quality and standard of its dresses is all superb and if anyone needs to contact them for further reference or query all of their valid numbers and address are available online. Even in few cases there is a refund policy. Hence to e-shop with just eastern is a rewarding experience.

In order to visit the e-shop of just eastern multi brand designer just go on the following link www.justeastern.com and go wild with the magnificent new collection of clothing's out on sale.

Cotton-A Fabric for all Seasons

The summer heat is on and as much as one enjoys the picnics at the beach and the walks in the parks, yet the sweat takes its toll and lethargy sets in. For an active and comfortable lifestyle in the summer season, cotton is the paramount fabric to wear.

Fabrics made from cotton exude comfort, visual appeal, durability and value. Comfortable and soft cotton takes dye easily and is easy to launder. It conducts heat well, resists abrasion, pilling and moths.

Cotton is loved because it’s easy to care for and comfortable all the year-round. In hot, humid weather, cotton “breathes” absorbing the moisture released by our bodies and bringing it on the surface of the fabric, so it evaporates. Versatile as the material is, even in colder weather it is ideal as the fabric remains dry, and the fibers retain body heat.

The use of this breathable textile is known to date to prehistoric times; fragments of cotton fabric dated from 5000 BCE have been excavated in Mexico and the Indus Valley Civilization in Pakistan.

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia cotton has been spun, woven, and dyed since prehistoric times. It clothed the people of ancient India, Egypt, and China. Hundreds of years before the Christian era, cotton textiles were woven in India with matchless skill, and their use spread to the Mediterranean countries. Today, it has become the most widely used natural fiber cloth in clothing.

From terrycloth for towels and robes; denim for blue jeans; bedsheets, socks, underwear, and most T-shirts—cotton is an inherent part of our lives and existence. May it be fishing nets, coffee filters, tents and in bookbinding—cotton’s uses are unlimited.

Pakistan is renowned for the superior quality of cotton cloth it produces. Just Eastern picks a dazzling assortment of the finest cotton kurtas for men and women and makes it available online. This is because Just Eastern has its hand on the pulse of the East. It understands the eastern climate, culture and tastes and only then handpicks its cotton collection. It realizes the need of the people to combat the sweltering summer heat and appear cool, yet dynamic.

The trendy block print cotton creations by Koel are ideal for the working woman, while the cotton embroidered kurtas by Morpankh are appealing for an evening out. If cool, collected and unruffled is your style, then the cotton apparel on Just Eastern will be the smartest buy of the year. Accessorize these cotton kurtas with the jewelry and accessories available on Just Eastern and your Eid wardrobe is complete with just a click.